Hi All!

Sorry I've neglected the blog!  Here's the haps around the rattery:

PCKG Painted Lady delivered a single baby on March, a girl, who is fat and happy! Looks like she has black eyes and is dumbo. I will most likely be keeping her...in fact I'm pretty positive I am.

FLY Daisy delivered a whopping 15 babies, 8 girls, 7 boys, a couple days later. I just gave all of the boys to  Painted Lady, so that Daisy wouldn't get overwhelmed, and Painted Lady was happy to help, she started nursing them instantly.

Our next litters should be with RRR Thriller and CPA Skittles, if everything goes as planned. HGLR Annapurna is still not pregnant, so not sure if we'll ever see a litter from her.

I've been busy designing and building the new webstore, EVERYTHING RATS!  and am hoping to have it open by our deadline. The home page and food/treats page is already up, as well as a few other pages to give a sneak peak.  I've also been busy on the sewing machine making hammocks and such....my hems may not be straight yet, but the ratties don't mind=) I'll probably be selling my "practice" creations for a deep discount!

I do have a few adults/juveniles looking for homes. Please take a look at our available rat page, as well as our Residents of the Rattery page to see who is and will be available. I've changed how many litters a female can have to two litters max, so a few of the girls will be retiring this spring and looking for some cushy retirement homes (not that they aren't spoiled rotten here).

If you have a relationship with Ratty Rat Rattery (have adopted in the past, are on the waitlist, or have submitted an adoption questionnaire in the past), any of the rats available now can be adopted without an adoption fee. There are some really great rats list too!