We are yet again, remodeling and restructuring the rattery! This time it was to make room for Dustin's dart frog breeding rack! He's gone from breeding one species to breeding 6 species. So the ratties had to make room for the froggies=) I'll be posting pictures once we've got everything all situated.

One part I'm really excited about is now our play pool can be out all the time! No need to lug it out in the middle of the room and put it away every night.  Not sure how we managed to find MORE room than before, after adding a 6 ft shelving unit for the froggies. I also "claimed" Dustin's old froggie shelf rack. It perfectly fits the nursery cubby holes and skyscraper, and conveniently one shelf open for a male and female dwarf ratty cages;) SO we are hoping to expand to dwarf within this year, beyond our one little dwarfie now, who as he ages, is really ready for another dwarfy friend, the big guys are getting on his nerves. We've tried to breed our little Yeti, but most of his breedings didn't take, and the one that did, the doe lost her two babies=(.

So right now the place is in shambles...but it's going to look great once we put it all back together!

On another note, I've contacted the first person on our waitlist, so have started the reservation process for Joy and Love's litters! Stay tuned if your on our waitlist, we'll be i
June brought us LOTS of little ratty bundles of joy. We have 3 wonderful mamas raising some amazing little babies.

FLY Harvey Dent and FLY Mommy Where's Daddy was a co-breeding with Ratterfly Rattery. Two girls and 5 boys were born June 8. We were happy to have Mami stay with us during her pregnancy and she is raising her litter here as well. The litter was full of adorable markings, lots of blazes and variegated. The babies are all growing wonderfully, and are busy playing all day. They all come running when we open the cage door and our hands are overrun by babies playing, licking and nibbling on our fingers (just like any baby, EVERYTHING goes in the mouth!) This litter is all reserved!

RRR Joy x RRR Peace and RRR Love x RRR Blueberry Surprise were both sibling crosses, and gave us LOTS of babies with many unique color combinations (some of which I'm still figuring out!). We have a total of 7 boys and 15 girls from these two litters, and the waitlist is still open. Both mamas have been outstanding, and have maintained their sweet, lovable, and trusting personalities from the day their babies were born. I was able to handle their babies right in front of them, just hours after delivery. The babies are just a couple days away from opening their eyes! All 4 parents from these litters are available for adoption, and can be adopted with no adoption fee with one or more of their kids.

There are also some other available ratties as well. Two little boys from Chloe's litter are looking for a home as well. Both boys are very sweet and playful. We also have a beautiful burmese boy, about 3 months old looking for a home as well. Any of these boys can go to pet or breeder homes, and come from excellent genetic lines.

And then there is Kreature! He is a platinum hairless dumbo, and very sweet boy, slightly poor eyesight (due to his red eyes). Kreature is looking for a home without small children since he doesn't see too well, he appreciates nice slow movements and gentle cuddles (which he is happy to receive!).

We have some adoption specials!!!

To encourage everyone to consider adopting a juvenile or adult along with a baby, anyone who does will receive $5 off their baby ratty(s), 1 lb off Harlan Teklad 2018 free, and a free birth certificate. And as always, their is no adoption fee for adults if you are adopting a baby.

When there are so many different colors in a litter, often the "boring" colored babies have trouble finding homes. We'd like to remind everyone that ALL the babies make wonderful, loving pets, boring color or not! We have a few all black ratties in our litters, and to help them find homes, anyone who adopts a black ratty will receive $10 off adoption fees as well as free birth certificates for all ratties adopted.