We paired PCKG Hercules, a very handsome sable wheaten burmese and CMMR Epic Journey, our blue dumbo for her third and final litter a couple weeks ago. She has a cute little baby bump now, and showing a little prego mamma attidude with the younger gals in the cage, so we moved her to her own  nursery cage today, where she can rest and relax until the babies arrive in about a week. We expect this litter to be small since Epic is a little over a year, but you never know! We've started giving our does, starting with Epic, prenatal vitamins and other supplments to help support a healthy pregnancy=)

We also have some really fun stuff coming to our webstore. LOTS of new toys, and I have video to upload of our rats using it all! We will also be putting more health care stuff and cage cleaning and disinfecting product on the site as well, all the stuff we normally use. So watch for lots of fun stuff coming!
We have some unfortunate news to share about RFCR Atreyu, one of our retired breeding females. She recently developed a mammary tumor. We immediately had the vet remove the tumor and spay her at the same time, in hopes of stopping any other mammary tumors from growing.

The tumor was benign as most mammary tumors are, but this doesn't make them any less dangerous. Left to grow, tumors can get bigger than the rats themselves, rob blood supply from nearby organs, and can actually crush organs as they push into the rats body. It is especially concerning that Atreyu was only 1 year and 5 months old when this tumor appeared, as most mammary tumors develop in old age.

Often times, with mammary tumors in particular, they have a genetic component to them. Just like breast cancer running in families in humans, it appears to be the case with mammary tumors in rats. In fact,  with finding the "breast cancer gene" in humans, rats were used in the research of that discovery.

Shortly after Atreyu's tumor, it came to my attention through another breeder, that in fact there are other rats in Atreyu's pedigree that have had mammary tumors, through the SHFR Ivory side. I can email the specific rats to anyone who would like this information. I have a list of about 4-5 relatives which had mammary tumors. It is unfortunate that I didn't have this info before, but now that I do, I am ending Atreyu's genetic line here at our rattery, as I will always select AGAINST any genetic issues that come up in my lines.

 This affects two rats we had here at our rattery, RRR Guinness and RRR Sam, both of which have never bred, and are going to wonderful pet only homes where they will be spoiled rotten, I"m sure! I have also notified the two breeders which have adopted Atreyu's offspring, as well as one other that I know of that has Atreyu's offspring,  so they can make an informed decision about breeding those rats. NARR has been updated with this information, so it will show up in any pedigrees containing RFCR Atreyu.

We will be sending an email to notify all pet adopters that have Atreyu's offspring. We recommend spaying her female offspring, as this DRAMATICALLY reduces the chance of mammary tumors developing. I have a wonderful vet that spays rats, and if we can gather up a large enough group to have spayed, there will be a subtantial discount on the surgery.

We sincerely apologize to anyone this impacts, and hopefully we can prevent any mammary tumors in her female offspring through spaying.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.