We've had a bit of a dry spell here at the rattery as far as new litters go. Tis' how breeding can go sometimes, I suppose. It's not that we didn't plan a few litters, they just didn't work out! The one I'm most disappointed in not happening is Chloe's litter. The buck we were planning to pair with her passed away,  We are going to try to pair her with one of our boys, probably Hercules in a couple weeks,

BUT we will begin pairing ratties for our Holiday litters next week! Lots of exciting litters planned. We have an awesome blazed variegated litter planned with FLY Splash, a nice burmese litter planned with RRR Nepal, and a wonderful  litter with PCKG Violet that should include some pretty good quality rex . Hopefully all 3 litters will work out and be available mid to late December.

Maple's litter is doing wonderfully, eyes should be open any day. We had some firsts for our rattery in this litter. Our first cinnamon, mink, and MANX babies were born in this litter. I'll be double checking these colors with the Sire's owner, Janell at Ratterfly, just be sure I have them right. The manx was a total surprise!

I'd also like to apologize for any delayed responses in emails. My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary with a little vacation, and I've been dealing with some migraine issues (boo!). I assure everyone I will get back to them as soon as possible, and I thank everyone for their patience!

Oh BTW, email me to get on the waitlist for our Holiday litters, we'll finally have lots of babies!

FLY Maple delivered her litter on 9/26/10. The babies are about 6 days old now, and are coloring up nicely. There are 10 babies, 3 boys and 7 girls. We had some suprises with this litter....Manx! Yep 3 manx, all 3 will likely be adopted by breeders, I am toying with the idea of keeping one myself!

FFCR Noel is cycling as of right now....so apparently she absorbed her litter. She had good weight gain until about a week ago, it kinda leveled off. I had continued to feed her the extra protein expectant mama diet, which would explain why she still looked chubby! So I have her paired with Hercules tonight, hopefully this one will take, if it does she will be due around Oct 27th

RFCR Chloe, our gorgeous black-eyed siamese, is staying with Kendra from Ratscallions Rattery at the moment. Hopefully Chloe and HGLR Daiko will produce a beautiful litter! They should be paired any day now. Hopefully due at the end of the month if the breedings take.

So yet again, I'll have less babies than expected available, probably 7 from Maple's litter, 3 boys, 4 girls. You know what they say....the best laid plans often go astray!