First of all, Happy belated Halloween!  We were sure to give our ratties some treats, yummy yogies of course!

On to litter updates!

 FLY Maple's babies wean today! I'm sure momma will be happy to get a nice break. We kept one boy from this litter, a very cute black berkshire down under, RRR Rocky. He's going to make a great addition to my variegated line eventually. I hope to eventually have variegated downunders with splashes of color everywhere, even on thier cute little tummies=)

FFCR Noel had her babies on 10/26. They are plump and happy little babies! There are 3 boys and 3 girls. They are starting to color up!

On to Expecting litters:

RRR Nepal's pregnancy is progressing fantastically, she is up to 425 grams, her starting weight was 360 grams, she is getting very round and is due in about a week.

FLY Splash looks like she absorbed her pregnancy, she is down to 303 grams, two grams less than her starting weight. She has been paired again, and should be due around Thanksgiving. Really bummed about Splashy, was really hoping that litter, crossing my fingers it will work out this time. Unfortunately babies won't be ready by Christmas if this litter does work out.

PCKG Violet, may have absorbed her pregnancy as well, she is down to 378 grams from 391 grams. I'll be monitoring her in the next couple days to see if she needs to be paired again.

So that's the haps around here for now, as always, email me with any questions=)