We sadly lost Splash's little baby we were hand raising, it was about a week old. Dustin took it pretty hard since he was doing most of the round the clock feedings

In better new, PCKG Painted Lady had an easy delivery of 16 little babies! All are looking great, and as many rat moms do with large litters, she has split them into two groups. We are also rotating them as well, to ensure everyone has enough time to nurse, since she only has 10 nipples. Right now it looks like 6 girls and 10 boys, but that may change once I get a closer look.
Hi Folks!

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated, things have been a bit crazy around here. Most of our holiday litters did not happen. I do have Nepal's litter, there are only 7 in the litter. I do have a few planned litters, but those won't be available until next year, Jan and Feb.

BUT I do have some adults/juveniles available right now. These are some really great ratties, who are past the wild, wiggly baby days. If you are interested in ratties from us, please consider adopting our adults. Check them out on our Available Rats page. They are all paired up so that they will have a familiar friend when they go to new homes.

In other news, we are handraising the only baby from Splash's litter, and boy is that time consuming! It has to eat every 2-3 hours, even in the middle of night. It is 5 days old right now, and is pretty small for its age, but it sure is a fighter and definitely has the will the live!

I'm also asking anyone who emails me to please be patient for my response, as I've been receiving a lot of emails lately and am very short on time to respond, so forgive me if my responses are short, and I take a few days to get back to you. If you are looking to get on our waitlist, please send in an adoption questionnaire along with your email. One line emails with out an adoption questionnaire (ex: would like two blue dumbo females asap), will not be responded to.