Hi Folks!

I have some babies left from Skittle's litter still, 2 dumbo girls, and one dumbo boy. I also have one boy left from Daisy's litter.

We recently had Karen, AFRMA president come to our rattery and help us out with some evaluations of our ratties (thanks Karen!), which was necessary to become a registered rattery with AFRMA, and helps us create even better ratties. Every rat must receive an evaluation and given breeding status in order to breed. Some of our ratties didn't quite have the right confomration for breeding, but are still very wonderful, healthy rats with great personalities. Some of these ratties are available for adoption. More information on who's available is listed on our Available rats page. There is everything from a cute little blazed berkshire girl, to a blue dumbo rex boy and a few others, most are still very young.

We will be attending the July 17th AFRMA show in Riverside and can bring any available ratties to the show for pick up there.

I would also like to add that we will not be breeding any more litters until all these ratties find homes. AND we are entering our annual quarantine period, so even if these ratties all find homes, we will not be breeding any more litters until August, and they won't be available until October.

The exceptions I am making to this is two dwarf girls that need to be bred. They will have their litters at a different location while we are in our quarantine period.

The quarantine period is  just a precautionary measure we have decided to take every year during the summer to ensure we don't have any illnesses laying dormant that can be perpetuated by new litters and new ratties arriving.

Our quarantine period will begin any day, once RRR Artemis delivers her litter, and will be in effect until early to mid August.
Hi All!

Sorry I've neglected the blog!  Here's the haps around the rattery:

PCKG Painted Lady delivered a single baby on March, a girl, who is fat and happy! Looks like she has black eyes and is dumbo. I will most likely be keeping her...in fact I'm pretty positive I am.

FLY Daisy delivered a whopping 15 babies, 8 girls, 7 boys, a couple days later. I just gave all of the boys to  Painted Lady, so that Daisy wouldn't get overwhelmed, and Painted Lady was happy to help, she started nursing them instantly.

Our next litters should be with RRR Thriller and CPA Skittles, if everything goes as planned. HGLR Annapurna is still not pregnant, so not sure if we'll ever see a litter from her.

I've been busy designing and building the new webstore, EVERYTHING RATS!  and am hoping to have it open by our deadline. The home page and food/treats page is already up, as well as a few other pages to give a sneak peak.  I've also been busy on the sewing machine making hammocks and such....my hems may not be straight yet, but the ratties don't mind=) I'll probably be selling my "practice" creations for a deep discount!

I do have a few adults/juveniles looking for homes. Please take a look at our available rat page, as well as our Residents of the Rattery page to see who is and will be available. I've changed how many litters a female can have to two litters max, so a few of the girls will be retiring this spring and looking for some cushy retirement homes (not that they aren't spoiled rotten here).

If you have a relationship with Ratty Rat Rattery (have adopted in the past, are on the waitlist, or have submitted an adoption questionnaire in the past), any of the rats available now can be adopted without an adoption fee. There are some really great rats list too!
We sadly lost Splash's little baby we were hand raising, it was about a week old. Dustin took it pretty hard since he was doing most of the round the clock feedings

In better new, PCKG Painted Lady had an easy delivery of 16 little babies! All are looking great, and as many rat moms do with large litters, she has split them into two groups. We are also rotating them as well, to ensure everyone has enough time to nurse, since she only has 10 nipples. Right now it looks like 6 girls and 10 boys, but that may change once I get a closer look.
Hi Folks!

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated, things have been a bit crazy around here. Most of our holiday litters did not happen. I do have Nepal's litter, there are only 7 in the litter. I do have a few planned litters, but those won't be available until next year, Jan and Feb.

BUT I do have some adults/juveniles available right now. These are some really great ratties, who are past the wild, wiggly baby days. If you are interested in ratties from us, please consider adopting our adults. Check them out on our Available Rats page. They are all paired up so that they will have a familiar friend when they go to new homes.

In other news, we are handraising the only baby from Splash's litter, and boy is that time consuming! It has to eat every 2-3 hours, even in the middle of night. It is 5 days old right now, and is pretty small for its age, but it sure is a fighter and definitely has the will the live!

I'm also asking anyone who emails me to please be patient for my response, as I've been receiving a lot of emails lately and am very short on time to respond, so forgive me if my responses are short, and I take a few days to get back to you. If you are looking to get on our waitlist, please send in an adoption questionnaire along with your email. One line emails with out an adoption questionnaire (ex: would like two blue dumbo females asap), will not be responded to.
First of all, Happy belated Halloween!  We were sure to give our ratties some treats, yummy yogies of course!

On to litter updates!

 FLY Maple's babies wean today! I'm sure momma will be happy to get a nice break. We kept one boy from this litter, a very cute black berkshire down under, RRR Rocky. He's going to make a great addition to my variegated line eventually. I hope to eventually have variegated downunders with splashes of color everywhere, even on thier cute little tummies=)

FFCR Noel had her babies on 10/26. They are plump and happy little babies! There are 3 boys and 3 girls. They are starting to color up!

On to Expecting litters:

RRR Nepal's pregnancy is progressing fantastically, she is up to 425 grams, her starting weight was 360 grams, she is getting very round and is due in about a week.

FLY Splash looks like she absorbed her pregnancy, she is down to 303 grams, two grams less than her starting weight. She has been paired again, and should be due around Thanksgiving. Really bummed about Splashy, was really hoping that litter, crossing my fingers it will work out this time. Unfortunately babies won't be ready by Christmas if this litter does work out.

PCKG Violet, may have absorbed her pregnancy as well, she is down to 378 grams from 391 grams. I'll be monitoring her in the next couple days to see if she needs to be paired again.

So that's the haps around here for now, as always, email me with any questions=)

We've had a bit of a dry spell here at the rattery as far as new litters go. Tis' how breeding can go sometimes, I suppose. It's not that we didn't plan a few litters, they just didn't work out! The one I'm most disappointed in not happening is Chloe's litter. The buck we were planning to pair with her passed away,  We are going to try to pair her with one of our boys, probably Hercules in a couple weeks,

BUT we will begin pairing ratties for our Holiday litters next week! Lots of exciting litters planned. We have an awesome blazed variegated litter planned with FLY Splash, a nice burmese litter planned with RRR Nepal, and a wonderful  litter with PCKG Violet that should include some pretty good quality rex . Hopefully all 3 litters will work out and be available mid to late December.

Maple's litter is doing wonderfully, eyes should be open any day. We had some firsts for our rattery in this litter. Our first cinnamon, mink, and MANX babies were born in this litter. I'll be double checking these colors with the Sire's owner, Janell at Ratterfly, just be sure I have them right. The manx was a total surprise!

I'd also like to apologize for any delayed responses in emails. My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary with a little vacation, and I've been dealing with some migraine issues (boo!). I assure everyone I will get back to them as soon as possible, and I thank everyone for their patience!

Oh BTW, email me to get on the waitlist for our Holiday litters, we'll finally have lots of babies!

FLY Maple delivered her litter on 9/26/10. The babies are about 6 days old now, and are coloring up nicely. There are 10 babies, 3 boys and 7 girls. We had some suprises with this litter....Manx! Yep 3 manx, all 3 will likely be adopted by breeders, I am toying with the idea of keeping one myself!

FFCR Noel is cycling as of right now....so apparently she absorbed her litter. She had good weight gain until about a week ago, it kinda leveled off. I had continued to feed her the extra protein expectant mama diet, which would explain why she still looked chubby! So I have her paired with Hercules tonight, hopefully this one will take, if it does she will be due around Oct 27th

RFCR Chloe, our gorgeous black-eyed siamese, is staying with Kendra from Ratscallions Rattery at the moment. Hopefully Chloe and HGLR Daiko will produce a beautiful litter! They should be paired any day now. Hopefully due at the end of the month if the breedings take.

So yet again, I'll have less babies than expected available, probably 7 from Maple's litter, 3 boys, 4 girls. You know what they say....the best laid plans often go astray!

Unfortunately Epic lost her litter due to complications during labor. We were very sad to loose the litter, but are very glad that Epic is recovering very well from a uterine infection.

On to happier News! We realize this leaves people on our wailist anxiously awaiting baby ratties. We have two litter *hopefully* on the way within the next 3 weeks. They are FLY Bombers (mink harley) x FLY Maple (agouti).  Bombers is here as a stud from Ratterfly rattery, who will retain POL. Expecting some cute little ratties with great personalities from this pairing, and breeders are welcome, (all babies will be harley carriers).  The other litter is PCKG Hercules (sable wheaten burmese) x FFCR Noel (black self). Both ratties are very laid back, so expecting some squishy cuddle bugs from this litter=) Hercules is also a big "beefy" boy, with awesome type. Breeders are welcome to this litter, as I expect it will have great type.

We have also settled on our 3 Holiday litters. We are planning on these litters being ready a few days before Christmas, but can hold babies until Christmas Eve. All 3 of these litters are VERY exciting, we can't wait! Get on the waitlist early for these holiday litters, as the waitlist tends to fill up FAST around the holidays.

We are also planning on another Holiday Rat  Pick Up Party, but this year we are making it more of an open house. We aren't allowing anyone into the rat room, but window viewing will be available. We will have snacks, lots of toys and other rat stuff available, and two rat care presentations scheduled. And of course, lots of cute little babies for adopters to pick up.  Past, present, and future adopters are welcome to attend.
We paired PCKG Hercules, a very handsome sable wheaten burmese and CMMR Epic Journey, our blue dumbo for her third and final litter a couple weeks ago. She has a cute little baby bump now, and showing a little prego mamma attidude with the younger gals in the cage, so we moved her to her own  nursery cage today, where she can rest and relax until the babies arrive in about a week. We expect this litter to be small since Epic is a little over a year, but you never know! We've started giving our does, starting with Epic, prenatal vitamins and other supplments to help support a healthy pregnancy=)

We also have some really fun stuff coming to our webstore. LOTS of new toys, and I have video to upload of our rats using it all! We will also be putting more health care stuff and cage cleaning and disinfecting product on the site as well, all the stuff we normally use. So watch for lots of fun stuff coming!
We have some unfortunate news to share about RFCR Atreyu, one of our retired breeding females. She recently developed a mammary tumor. We immediately had the vet remove the tumor and spay her at the same time, in hopes of stopping any other mammary tumors from growing.

The tumor was benign as most mammary tumors are, but this doesn't make them any less dangerous. Left to grow, tumors can get bigger than the rats themselves, rob blood supply from nearby organs, and can actually crush organs as they push into the rats body. It is especially concerning that Atreyu was only 1 year and 5 months old when this tumor appeared, as most mammary tumors develop in old age.

Often times, with mammary tumors in particular, they have a genetic component to them. Just like breast cancer running in families in humans, it appears to be the case with mammary tumors in rats. In fact,  with finding the "breast cancer gene" in humans, rats were used in the research of that discovery.

Shortly after Atreyu's tumor, it came to my attention through another breeder, that in fact there are other rats in Atreyu's pedigree that have had mammary tumors, through the SHFR Ivory side. I can email the specific rats to anyone who would like this information. I have a list of about 4-5 relatives which had mammary tumors. It is unfortunate that I didn't have this info before, but now that I do, I am ending Atreyu's genetic line here at our rattery, as I will always select AGAINST any genetic issues that come up in my lines.

 This affects two rats we had here at our rattery, RRR Guinness and RRR Sam, both of which have never bred, and are going to wonderful pet only homes where they will be spoiled rotten, I"m sure! I have also notified the two breeders which have adopted Atreyu's offspring, as well as one other that I know of that has Atreyu's offspring,  so they can make an informed decision about breeding those rats. NARR has been updated with this information, so it will show up in any pedigrees containing RFCR Atreyu.

We will be sending an email to notify all pet adopters that have Atreyu's offspring. We recommend spaying her female offspring, as this DRAMATICALLY reduces the chance of mammary tumors developing. I have a wonderful vet that spays rats, and if we can gather up a large enough group to have spayed, there will be a subtantial discount on the surgery.

We sincerely apologize to anyone this impacts, and hopefully we can prevent any mammary tumors in her female offspring through spaying.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.